BIostatistical Advisory Service

The core facility BIostatistical Advisory Service (BIAS) at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University was established in January 2015 to support all researchers from the five departments within the faculty with respect to biostatistical advice and help with statistical data analysis. BIAS is physically housed and administered by the Department of Public Health.

It is the primary objective of BIAS to offer assistance in connection with (smaller) clinical experiments. BIAS does not assist with larger register based studies where obtaining permissions, merging registers, and more epidemiological methods play a significant role.


BIAS offers biostatistical advice service in three categories:

  1. One or two shorter meetings in connection with the startup of a PhD-project or before own statistical analysis of data collected in connection with such a project. The total time used is 2-3 hours.
  2. An initial meeting, statistical analysis of a small part of the data to provide inspiration for own data analysis, and a follow-up meeting. The total time used is 10-15 hours.
  3. Frequent meetings, statistical analysis of data from one project, and potentially acquiring new skills to be able to perform these analyses. The total time used is 15 hours - 3 months.

Price information

BIAS operates on a user payment basis. Short or shorter involvement of BIAS is relatively more costly than a longer engagement. The current rates are as follows:

  • 0-15 hours:
    • 936 DKK / hour when paid from funds administered by Aarhus University
    • 1076 DKK / hour when paid from funds not administered by Aarhus University
  • >15 hours: Contact BIAS for a quote

As of November 17th 2015 the Department of Clinical Medicine will cover the first two hours of consultancy for employees affiliated with the institute.


Write a short description of the project and the kind of biostatistical help that you require.
Send this along with you name and affiliation to:


Sometimes it is hard to know how much help is needed from a biostatistician in connection with
a given project. This can typically be established at the initial meeting, but it is always possible
to extend the advisory service later in the process. It is the aim of BIAS to schedule the initial
meeting to within two weeks of the first contact.


Publication policy


The fact that money changed hands in connection with the biostatistical consultancy is immaterial when it comes to the question of whether or not the biostatistician should be included in the list of authors of a resulting paper. This question should be answered based solely on the nature of the contribution from the biostatistician according to what is popularly referred to as The Vancouver Protocol, see for instance:

Reports and minutes

Below is a collection of reports from BIAS along with minutes from meetings of the steering committee. Currently, these are only available in Danish.

Yearly reports

Minutes from meetings of BIAS Steering Commitee


Write an email to


About us

The BIAS Core Facility was founded in January 2015 to provide biostatistical advice in connection with clinical experiments for all researchers at the Faculty of Health.

The facility is housed by the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University.

Consultancy given by appointment in:

Building 1261 (enter 1260),

2nd floor (Section for Biostatistics),

Room 211.